<Correos Corporativos>

  • Because corporative?

    €œA professional or corporative email, speaks of the image, the seriousness and the professionalism of your company€

  • E-mail Corporative on the Web

    It enters from any connection Internet to send and to receive post office.

  • In Its Writing-desk

    It works with his favorite program as Outlook, Thunderbird and other clients desktop by POP3.

  • service of corporative mail in your reason

    In its Mobile

    It reviews its mail in its iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry or any other movable device by POP3.

  • Panel to create corporative post office

    Unlimited web hosting with cpanel the panel will give the option you to create limitless accounts of mail, everything is going to depend on the package of hosting that you choose and how you handle your accounts of mail.

Corporative email