E-Axis-Inc - AQPBusiness s.a.c.

It is born in 2009 in order to offer services of lodging Web and registry of domains. Due to the progressive growth and to our eagerness of innovation and improvement, our company has been extending the services related to Internet, infrastructure and technology, until reaching the great amount of services that we offer nowadays, practically everything what any company, even particular professional and can need for its effective presence in Internet.

The demand of services Internet is growing of spectacular way as much in our country as in the rest of the world, that is to say, due to the growth of users of Internet in the last years. For this reason, many companies and professionals see necessary their presence in Internet, since this means allow infinity of possibilities, in addition to opening its borders and being known the world with a simple click anywhere. For this reason, in E-Axis-Inc we worked day to day to improve our services and to arrive there where others do not arrive.